Here we consolidate all the information and knowledge which startup founders might find useful in the process of establishing and developing their unicorns: from practical details on startup visa and startup law to all the nuances of company registration and tricky matters of investment agreements. Open the section of interest - download templates - enjoy & repeat. We got your back covered.

Electronic ID Card

On Tuesday, 12 October, the Cabinet of Ministers approved amendments to the regulation on the State fee regarding issue of personal identity documents and regarding personal identity documents in order to facilitate inclusion of foreigners in the digital environment of Latvia and facilitate development of economics, science, education and culture in Latvia, offering the electronic identification means for foreigners - foreigner’s eID card.

E-ID card brochure.pdf
1.3 MB, posted 10 November 2021

Latvian Startup Guide

Latvian Startup Guide
9.82 MB, posted 17 March 2021

Model Documents

Trying to kick-off a startup in a foreign country? Dealing with all the required documents in a language you don't speak? What a daunting experience… But hey, no more!

To help you stay focused on your startup tasks, our friends Sorainen offer you a range of templates for industry-standard legal documents in English. As every single company has its own needs and unique factors, we suggest you view these templates as the starting point: download them, tweak them as needed and put them to good use!


Neither Magnetic Latvia Startup, nor the Latvian Register of Enterprises, nor Sorainen take any responsibility for the content of the documents or the consequences of using them. None of the documents should be construed as legal advice for any particular facts or circumstances.
By downloading or accessing any document, you agree that the document you download or access may only be used by you for your personal or business use and may not be commercially redistributed (including on another website) without the express written consent of Sorainen.



Shareholder Register template
3.58 MB, posted 01 November 2018
Shareholder Agreement template
51.04 KB, posted 01 November 2018
Option Agreement template
36.5 KB, posted 01 November 2018
Notice Address template
3.05 MB, posted 01 November 2018
Non Disclosure Agreement template
36.37 KB, posted 01 November 2018
Management Board Agreement template
41.42 KB, posted 01 November 2018
Loan Agreement template
33.13 KB, posted 01 November 2018
IPR Assignment Agreement template
34.87 KB, posted 01 November 2018
Establishment Resolution template
40.26 KB, posted 01 November 2018
Establishment Agreement template
40.55 KB, posted 01 November 2018
Employment Agreement template
42.83 KB, posted 01 November 2018
Consultancy Agreement template
37.09 KB, posted 01 November 2018
Articles of Association template
34.34 KB, posted 01 November 2018
Address Agreement template
30.62 KB, posted 01 November 2018

Startup VISA

Technically, it’s a temporary residence permit – which is much cooler than just a Schengen visa! For the sake of convenience, we call it “startup visa”. 

Startup visa is offered to all non-EU startup founders who are willing to come and kick-off their startup ideas in Latvia, a proud member of EU since 2004. One startup can have up to 5 founders with a startup visa. The application process takes one month. The visa is given for the period of maximum 3 years and it is spouse and children-friendly.

The main criteria for getting the visa is a sound startup idea described in a free-form – save us some time and make it a 1-pager! No business plans or qualification interviews required!

Once your startup is registered and settled in, bring your team from abroad – there is a special type of visa (again – residence permit) reserved for them.

Latvian startup visa renewal guide
566.76 KB, posted 09 September 2020
Application form
369.08 KB, posted 04 August 2018
Place of residence
15.95 KB, posted 26 July 2018


The Economic Profile of City Riga 2022
7.67 MB, posted 18 July 2022
Business Guide 2022/2023
4.6 MB, posted 18 July 2022
HealtTech Startups Latvia
387.45 KB, posted 01 June 2022
Relocation guide 2022
6.94 MB, posted 11 May 2022
State support for Startups in Latvia
247.46 KB, posted 04 October 2022
Business guide 2021
2.68 MB, posted 24 August 2021
Relocation guide 2021
7.17 MB, posted 24 August 2021
Magnetic Latvia Magazine Winter 2019
17 MB, posted 09 December 2019
Magnetic Latvia Magazine 2019
17.22 MB, posted 05 July 2019
Baltic Startup Mag 2019
9.18 MB, posted 13 April 2019
Magnetic Latvia. Co Founder 2017
3.68 MB, posted 27 February 2019
Magazine Innovation. Autumn.Winter 2018
5.56 MB, posted 27 February 2019
Baltic Startup Magazine 2018
3.65 MB, posted 27 February 2019

Fact Sheets

State of Latvian Startup investment Q1-Q3
410.23 KB, posted 16 October 2023
1.01 MB, posted 13 April 2023
3.03 MB, posted 01 February 2023
Taxation in Latvia 2022
202.58 KB, posted 18 July 2022
Startup Fact sheet 2022
235 KB, posted 18 January 2022
Registering a company in Latvia fact sheet
840.14 KB, posted 17 September 2021
Residence permit Fact sheet
1018.39 KB, posted 17 September 2021
Employee Share Option Plans (ESOP)
262.6 KB, posted 24 January 2022
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