To offer wider range of opportunities to Latvia-based startups, Magnetic Latvia Startup has gone on a mission to secure strategic partnerships with the most known startup ecosystems and networks around the globe.
In early 2018, we have launched a partnership with San Francisco’s WE WORK, we have signed a government-to-government Memorandum of Understanding with Gyeonggi province (South Korea) which boasts a massive growth of their startup ecosystem, and we have several other partnerships in the making. Stay tuned!

Google Cloud for Startups Program

Magnetic Latvia Startup now is official partners for the Google Cloud for Startups Program. Startups can get up and running quickly and easily with technical training, Cloud credits, and access to community events. Eligible startups can join today and start building and scaling using the same infrastructure and tools used by Google. What do you get? Early-stage startups are eligible for membership in Google’s Cloud Startup Spark Program.

Startups eligible for our Spark Package will receive:

  •  $20,000 in Cloud and Firebase credits & invitations to exclusive local events* for 12 months
  •  Dedicated startup technical office hours every week
  •  One year of free G Suite (up to 10 Users - only valid for new domains) or a year of discounted upgrades to G Suite Business or G Suite Enterprise
  •  Access to One Google, via introductions internally where it matters to startups: Ads, Play, Maps, Chrome, and more
  •  6 months free of Hire by Google to recruit faster
  •  A streamlined application process to our Surge program to extend your credits to $100,000 for a second year as your business continues to grow.

Note: *Cloud Credits are available for startups who have not previously received promotional Cloud credits. Startups who have previously received $3,000 in credits from the “Start Program” will have those applied to their “Spark Program” credits.

As you might have guessed, there are some criteria to meet:

  •  You can’t be a consultancy service, government, edu, non-profit, blog, or bitcoin/crypto-mining company
  •  You have not previously applied / You are not currently enrolled in the program
  •  You are in a valid territory (
  •  Up to Series A-level funding (max)
  •  You have a valid website / domain
  •  Startup is less than 5 years old

If you want to sign up, hit us an e-mail: [email protected]

WeWork office for Latvian start-ups in Silicon Valley

If you are planning to visit Silicon Valley, remember to drop by and make use of the office which is there available for you to make use of at any time.
We are also scouting for the best contacts for you out there in San Francisco so stay tuned and give a shout to our representative Toms Zvidrins ( [email protected]) before you go.


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