All the startup wannabe’s – unite and enjoy the journey, offered by Magnetic Latvia Startup. Become a better version of yourself and give your startup a better chance at succeeding. Hackathons, meetups, seminars, pitching try-outs and networking opportunities, deep-dives into technical skills, intensive trainings and rapid acceleration – all designed to boost your confidence and help you grow entrepreneur’s balls (oops!) boldness.

Minsk-Riga Startup Train 2018

Minsk-Riga Startup Train is a unique hackathon, providing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to share a great time together with startup enthusiasts, experienced mentors, business angels and investors from Belarus and Latvia.

Last hackathon starting in Minsk on August 28 with the arrival of the Latvian hooligans, continuing by the hard-working hackathon on a noisy train, and finishing in Riga on August 31 with a Grand Finale in the very center of the Latvian startup community.

Startup Train calls for action rock-star developers, designers, and entrepreneurs from Belarus and Latvia! If you have a mind-blowing idea and want to disrupt the boring reality than it is for you. Read more on: ➡️ 

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