Promotion of international competitiveness

Do you feel that your company is ready to expand abroad? Then this is the right program for you! Promote your company abroad with some few simple steps and be recognized everywhere!

Here are three main support activities in this program:

1) Support for manufacture companies. Up to EUR45,000 with support intensity of 90%. Support activities include:
     - Costs of expert analysis of product and/or factory;
     - Certifications costs.

2) Support for export activities. Up to EUR60,000 with support intensity of up to 80%. Support activities include:
     - Participation in international exhibitions with an individual stand or joint stand;
     - Participation in conferences/forums abroad with an individual stand, with a presentation or as a listener/visitor;
     - Participation in contact exchanges abroad and online contact exchanges abroad;
     - Participation in international digital industry platforms and digital exhibitions;
     - Adaptation of products / services to foreign markets;
     - Publicity in foreign media;
     - Telemarketing services for finding foreign partners in the fields;
     - Market research in foreign countries;
     - Support of expert in industry field.

3) Support for participation in National Stands organized by LIAA. 100% support intensity. Support activities include:
     - Rent of area in exhibition hall;
     - Construction of exhibition area;
     - Registration cost for company in exhibition;
     - Consultative support from LIAA before and during exhibition.

More information about program and how to apply to it can be found in Latvian Investment and development agency homepage!

Also please check the brochure for a detailed support description.

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