Startup visa

Technically, it’s a temporary residence permit – which is much cooler than just a Schengen visa! For the sake of convenience, we call it “startup visa”. 

Startup visa is offered to all non-EU startup founders who are willing to come and kick-off their startup ideas in Latvia, a proud member of EU since 2004. One startup can have up to 5 founders with a startup visa. The application process takes one month. The visa is given for the period of maximum 3 years and it is spouse and children-friendly.

The main criteria for getting the visa is a sound startup idea described in a free-form – save us some time and make it a 1-pager! No business plans or qualification interviews required!

Once your startup is registered and settled in, bring your team from abroad – there is a special type of visa (again – residence permit) reserved for them.


We’ve put all the important information about the startup visa in a file below - downloadable and easy to use!

For Startup VISA .pdf file click here


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