Panoramic View over Riga
Image provided by Alexander Tolstykh

Riga is named one of the top 5 cheapest cities (and only Baltic city) to relocate to and live, according to a German study by Nestpick.

In a compiled list of expenses to relocate to as well as monthly living costs, Riga is named the top 5 most cost-effective city, on a list of 80 "popular destinations for work opportunities". Of the list, Rigas was the only Baltic city represented, along with other cities such as London, Dubai, San Francisco, Cairo, and Budapest. According to Nestpick, the list was compiled to be helpful for the growing amount of digital nomads, students, expats, who are looking for their next big move.

The list compiles factors related to basic living costs (such as rent, food expenses, and mobile and internet expenses), as well as fees that occur through immigration. The total costs for Riga were calculated at 795.09 EUR, while the least expensive city listed to relocate to is Cairo, at 560.40 EUR, followed by Bangalore at 633.71 EUR, and Bucharest at 644.26 EUR, and Budapest at 742.85 EUR.

Riga's listed living expenses tally up to 645.09 EUR, with visa fees listed at 150.00 EUR. Compare this to the most expensive city to relocate to, Dubai, which lists visa fees alone at 1,818.78 EUR. 

The most expensive city to relocate to internationally was calculated to be Dubai, with a sum of 3632.65 EUR. Dubai was followed by Auckland, New Zealand (at 3420.10 EUR total), then San Francisco, New York, and London.

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