Travel much? Find it disturbingly expensive? Have a pipeline of startup conferences and exhibitions to keep you busy for the next five years? Welcome to the programme which will help you rock and roll.

Visibility for startups and the ability to build and expand their business network are of high importance. Magnetic Latvia Startup will bring you places and give you a platform to reach out to investors, clients, and partners. Various events all over the globe, conferences, trade missions and more – this is your hour to shine!

The programme was officially kicked off on June 4, 2018, and we all collectively fell in love with it! This year we will offer 100* startups co-financing up to EUR 4,000 (each) to expose their genius to the world and to get a much-desired boost to their financial and operational health. The application process is easy: come and pitch, go on a mission, let us know how it went! Don’t forget to enjoy it.

Note! New application round will be launched on March 15, 2019. Get your how-to-apply guide! 

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