Latvian Startup Guide

The Latvian Startup Guide brings together in one place information that could be useful for foreign startups in the process of setting up and developing a company - practical details on residence permits, info about the Startup Support Law and how to establish a company in Latvia.

The Latvian Startup Guide has been published with the aim to facilitate the interest of foreign startup founders in the Latvian startup environment and business opportunities in the country, providing information and practical advice on starting an innovative business and beginning life in Latvia. It is intended as a guide for everyone who is planning or has recently moved to Latvia – so that they can get better acquainted with life in Latvia and have a place to find information, for example, on both kindergartens and startup environment related matters.

"A complete and accurate collection of information is important for any business decision. The Latvian Startup Guide is a valuable resource as more and more companies, including startups, their founders and employees, become mobile. Our experience this year shows that entrepreneurs and professionals are active in considering relocation or business opportunities in countries that offer a stable and transparent business environment, comfortable and secure housing, as well as a developed ecosystem and stable supply chains. Latvia can offer all these components together with growth potential, and it is important for us to extensively and as often as possible convey this message to our target audience," says Tarass Leočko, senior investment project head at the Latvian Investment and Development Agency’s Investment Promotion Division.

He has concluded that entrepreneurs – especially newcomers – have a real challenge to find verified, reliable and up-to-date information on issues such as obtaining a temporary residence permit, registering a company, opening a bank account, searching for an office or apartment, accessing medical care, as well as legal and financial services, and many other issues.

The guide emphasizes Latvia's advantages, such as high-speed internet, a talented workforce, as well as the rapid development of the information and communication technology industry. Information on the social, health care and education systems, as well as living conditions and costs, is also included. Players in the startup environment are also highlighted - business angels, co-working spaces, acceleration programs, venture capital funds, associations, etc.

Startup guide brochure can be found here

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