Garage48 Defence Makeathon 2020

31 January - 02 February
17:30 - 20:30
Riga, Latvia
+ Add to Calendar 01/31/2020 17:30 02/02/2020 20:30 Europe/Riga Garage48 Defence Makeathon 2020 Let’s come together and innovate the whole defence sector! Riga, Latvia
Garage48 Defence Makeathon 2020

Traditionally defence market has lots of regulations and long sales cycles. But we see a possibility to a mind-shift - state of technology enables more agile and faster development, and maybe we can have fewer regulations and shorter time to market? Public sector and the private sector must break through the cultural divide that hinders cooperation between commercial technology companies and the military - and we are ready for that!

In 2020, The Ministry of Defence of Latvia, Riga Technical University and Garage48 will give you a chance to INNOVATE and BUILD for the Baltic states and for the whole of Europe!

The hardware hackathon (makeathon) brings together engineers and specialists from the defence sector, connecting them with students, developers, designers and other experts from the civilian field in order to raise the awareness and knowledge about this specific, mysterious, but critically important field. Our goal is to attract new and ambitious talent and to develop innovative product concepts which could one day help defend our countries.

Garage48 Defence Makeathon is a perfect place for Baltics and Scandinavian military and defence to mix and mingle, share their expertise with civil experts and find new ways to cooperate in the future. What can be a daunting task alone, could be easily done together!

Bare in mind - all the registered participants must agree with the mandatory background check!
Therefore, registration is open until the 20th of January 2020! There is no ticket prize, but you are asked to register yourself or your team beforehand.

Let’s come together and innovate the defence sector. We will provide food, snacks, hardware (based on your project it could be from 3D printing materials to batteries and wires), super cool mentors and inspiring atmosphere!

· Defence-field experts / active military members;
· Developers (IT people);
· Designers (product designers, artists, architects, UI/UX etc);
· Hardware specialists and engineers (mechanics, electronics, 3D printing experts etc);
· Team leaders, visionaries, marketers and business minds

Let’s come together and innovate the whole defence sector!

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