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Industrial crop spraying drone.


Professional on-demand drone services for construction/renovation, real estate companies and for the governmental institutes.


Foldable drone designed for autonomous video shooting in action sports.

AKO Trike

Electric leaning inverse trike. With first in the segment body leaning and design solutions AKO is redefining the term trike itself.


Zerowaste and energy efficient production technology to manufacture montmorillonite mineral materials – organoclays.

Alpha Visum

Stock screening platform that uses AI pattern recognition algorithm.

Alternative Plants

Hidden botanical treasures - active ingredients from rare medicinal plants made accessible by their plant stem cell technology.


Loan term comparison platform and microloans.

Amber Housing

Cloud solution for house management and communication with citizens.

Anatomy Next

3D human atlas which boosts learning among the medical students.


A project that brings together animal rescue organizations and people that care about the fates of the animals.


ApexQubit is developing the 2nd generation platform for drugs engineering powered by quantum computing that will allow pharmaceutical companies to automate the drug discovery process.
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