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We are delighted to introduce you to our flourishing and vibrant community, where startups are running  deep(tech), fintech is booming and medtech is the new black. 
Our team is constantly monitoring the industry and following emerging players and their growth. Nevertheless we’d love your input – check out if you’re listed and let us know if  you know a startup that’s missing!

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Additive materials based on modified Carbon nanotubes, which significantly increase mechanical strength and durability of 3D printing materials.


Platform that helps find the best 3D printer filaments without spending extra time and money.

4 Smart Streets

AI and computer vision technologies utilized for better traffic and parking management.


Develops new generation software products for industrial controllers in oil, gas and wind farm industries.

Adia Nano Tech

Technology company that shortens and simplifies process of new types of nanomaterials and nanocompounds production.

Advanced Vector Analytics

A high tech company that creates and delivers solutions for the 4D measurement and interpretation of vibration.


Heavy-lifting drone with unlimited flying time, utilized for industrial cleaning, wind turbine maintenance and rescue, among other things.


New generation long range aerial robotics and data gathering platform.

Agile Stacks

The simplest, fastest way to implement full stack DevOps automation for cloud environments.


AI and machine learning manufacturing process automatization and quality control.


Industrial crop spraying drone.


Professional on-demand drone services for construction/renovation, real estate companies and for the governmental institutes.
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